Sports & Body Shaping

Have you noticed that athletes who play the same sport look very similar? Basketball players are very tall (very often taller than 2 meters) and very lean, rugby players are sturdy-built, with very broad shoulders, etc. This is because they do the same movements all day, every day, and follow similar diets.

Choose a sport regarding your goals, which could be:

Strength and Wide Shoulders

Rugby players need big muscles to protect them from concussions while on the pitch. As it is a very violent sport. They are their armor. Rigby players’ diet is affluent in proteins aka meat. Some of their training routines involve pulling something that looks like reins like horses are made to do. If you are a guy, and you want to be stronger and have bigger muscles and wider shoulders, I suggest that you start practicing it. Swimming or hockey could also lead to similar results.


Guys playing basketball

According to a survey concerning NBA players, their average height is 2.01 m. The tallest players in the association are Manute Bal and Gheorghe Moresan, both 2.31m.

Basketball players jump a lot to reach the hoop, which is 3 meters above the ground. While in the air, gravity pulls them back to the floor and their bodies grow taller. The same with volleyball players. The net in this sport is positioned at 2.43 m. Did you know that Gigi Hadid played volleyball at high school and she ended up being 1.80 m tall?

Another sport that makes bodies taller and legs longer is Speed skating, eighter with rollers, or on a rink. It involves a lot of stretching, which elongates the legs and makes them longer than the torso.

Speed skaters

Curvy body&Fertility

If you want to be more voluptuous, you can start belly dancing, or Latin and Standard dancing. Belly dancing makes the bum rounder and Ball dances can lead to having a body with very smooth curves. Do this if you want to have a body like an hourglass. Of course, you will need years but you can always get motivated by the professionals who already achieved the goal!

Playing with a hula hoop can make you curvy

If you are pleased with your bust and your bum, but you want to lose some belly weight, a good hobby would be to do the hula hoop. It will make your waist smaller. The larger the hula hoop, the easier to learn how to spin it. Different variations are sold. Some are heavy and massaging to increase the result.

You have probably noticed that marathon runners look very skinny, while sprinters are much sexier, and their muscles look chiseled. This is because increased and short training is much better than a very long, tedious one.

Just remember that the body is not constant, it changes, and we can have control over these changes.

You may not become a professional in any sport, but you can achieve other goals, like increasing your self-esteem, feeling better in your own skin, or meeting new friends.

Bonus for those who stayed until the end.

Do you know the athletes of which sport have the slowest pulse? Cyclists.

One of them holds the world record for having only 35 beats per minute (while he was asleep). For comparison, when a person is under heavy pressure, it can reach 140 beats per minute. So, keep that in mind.

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