Emerald ring

Emeralds and Human Civilization

There are few Ancient civilizations which history is not intertwined with that of the emeralds. They usually symbolize love, eternal youth and bring magical abilities to their owners.

They are so magnetically beautiful that they are considered devilish.  There even is a legend saying that emeralds fell from Lucifer’s shield on the earth and brought evil to those who populate it.


Emerald ring

Emeralds have been mesmerizing people for centuries. The gorgeous green stones were first mentioned in sources dating back to Ancient Mesopotamia. Even that many years ago, they were so highly valued that an uncut emerald could cost a herd of cattle.

The biggest mine was in nearby Ancient Egypt. It was considered a myth until it was rediscovered in 1818. No minerals were found, as it was already depleted in Antiquity. While it was functioning, the miners worked only at nights, in complete darkness, because it was believed that emeralds cannot stand the light.

Queen Cleopatra, famous for her beauty, had a lot of pieces of jewelry with emeralds; in fact, these were her favorite gems. She and her countrymen believed that emeralds endow with everlasting youth as well as with the special gift of telepathy.

Other legends relate them to the Holy Grail – the chalice from which Jesus Christ drank during the Last Supper. Both the stone and the vessel are strongly craved and pursued.


A piece of emerald

So, where are emeralds found nowadays?

The Colombian emeralds are considered the highest quality. The country supplies 90% of these gemstones.

Those from Brazil are lighter and most often yellow-green. The biggest chunk of emeralds was discovered there. It weighed 28 kg.

Emeralds are also found in Canada, the USA, Russia, India, Pakistan, and some other countries.


Emeralds are actually beryl with the presence of chromium and vanadium compounds that are responsible for their color.

Though the green beryl is a precious stone, as well as ruby, diamond, and sapphire, and they are considered the hardest substances on the planet, it is very brittle. This is due to the nature of the gemstone. It has a lot of defects inside it.

However, if we compare the prizes of emeralds and diamonds carat for carat, very often the emerald is more expensive.


Emerald corresponds to the Hearth chakra which is, of course, responsible for feelings. It gives a person the strength to love and be loved. One shows his or her emotions with ease because of its effect.

You will earn the trust of the others if you start living according to the true principles of your heart. The green beryl will nurture your relationship and take it to the next level. It also brings absolute harmony and peace of mind.

If you suffer from emotional problems due to a break-up or a loss of a loved one, emeralds are what you need.

They also help people find their true calling as well as their direction on the career path.


The green gemstone can help students get higher marks on exams, by enhancing the ability to concentrate. It improves memory. It also fights the bad effects of nightmares.

Pregnant women can give birth faster and less painfully. It also reduces the PMS symptoms with women.

Emerald could also be used for detox, as it cleanses the liver and the kidneys. These are the organs that eliminate waste from the organism.

It is interesting to know that during the times of Hippocrates, emeralds were crushed into a fine powder and used as eye-lotion.


Emerald jewelry

Recently people started preferring synthetic versions of the precious stones (Swarovski crystals are gaining huge popularity), but the natural ones will always be highly regarded because they show the wealth of the person to whom they belong and her status.

No matter the country or the religion, emerald was always considered a prerogative of mature women, most often mothers. It helps enhance empathy and compassion. These are qualities that every woman needs, especially one that takes care of a child.

Younger girls should opt for lighter-colored emeralds or smaller ones.

Its universal power makes it suitable for both sexes. Men can wear a ring or a tie pin encrusted with emeralds.

Famous Emeralds

One of the largest found on Earth is the so-called “Mogul emerald”. It was sold at Christie’s for a whopping 2.2 million dollars.

Queen Elizabeth II and Elizabeth Taylor both have huge collections of jewelry encrusted with emeralds.


Emeralds should be kept separately, and without any contact with other stones because they can easily scratch each other.

Emeralds should be cleaned with warm soapy water. Household chemistry should be avoided.

Though they are some of the hardest substances on Earth, scratches are possible, but they can be wiped off easily.

The Emerald Cut

There is a special way to cut this gem which enhances its beauty. It gives the stone rectangular or square shape with truncated corners. Thus emeralds show their true beauty. The corners are shaped this way to make the stone more wearable and reduce the risk of chipping and breaking.

Of course, they can be cut in the traditional form like a heart or oval. Those without corners should be preferred.

Cabochons are made from worse quality materials. Those which show luster are often cut brilliant-style.

Compatibility with other stones

Emeralds shouldn’t be paired with opal, topaz or pearls. It would be in a huge conflict with an amethyst.

Emeralds and white diamonds are a good combination. Sometimes the green gemstone is used together with the same rank precious stones like ruby or sapphire.



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