Обеци с рубини

All You Need to Know about Rubies

Aren’t red objects those that are craved the most in life – think of fast cars and red roses.

Ruby is red, sometimes like pigeon’s blood. It brings positivity in one’s life and helps people overcome lethargy and find the motivation to pursue their goals. By balancing the heart, it brings confidence. It removes all negative thoughts.  Ruby attracts good luck and instills love and passion in its wearer’s life.

A variety of the mineral corundum, it has a pink to blood-red color. In Latin Ruber means Red. This color comes from the chromium in the gemstone. In its pure form, the corundum is colorless.


Rubies have been mined all over the world – in South Asia, Latin America, Africa, even some states in the USA. Macedonia is the only country in mainland Europe where rubies are found. They are unique with their raspberry color.

The legendary valley of rubies called Mogok is situated in Myanmar. It has been known for more than 1,000 years. Stones that were found there tend to have purplish-red colors, they are also fluorescent, even in plain daylight they seem to glow. Those from Thailand appear more brownish-red.

The only continent it can’t be found on is Antarctica.

Value Factors

Color is the most important one. Ruby by definition is red. If the corundum is another color, it is called a sapphire. Ruby may have in itself colors like orange, purple, violet or pink.

Usage in the Past


These gemstones have always been highly regarded in Asia. They are used to adorn weapons, harnesses of noblemen in China and India. Placed in the foundations of a building, it brings prosperity to it.

In Sanskrit, the word for ruby is ratnaraj, which means “the king of gems”. Ancient Hindus believed that the people who offered these beautiful gemstones to the god Krishna will be emperors in their next lives. The ruby owners would live in peace with their enemies.

Romance Surrounding Rubies

Over the centuries people of many cultures associated them with wealth and power. It is believed by some that rubies contain the bloodline of humanity. Their fiery redness was considered to be so strong, it was inextinguishable and couldn’t be hidden by clothes or any material wrapped around it.

Rubies are mentioned four times in the Bible in relation to beauty and wisdom.

The famous Black Prince’s Ruby of the British crown jewels proved to be a spinel, but this was not enough of a reason to make the Royal family remove it from there.

A ruby ring

In Medieval times, ruby was thought to protect its wearer from poison. It was believed that it changes its color as a warning of it. It grew darker and cloudier when the hazard was near and resumed its color when the peril was gone.

A Burmese legend claims that inserting a ruby in the flesh would make the body invulnerable.

Knights considered it a symbol of love and passion. They gave a piece of jewelry with the red gem to their beloved very much like today.


Only diamonds are harder than corundum. This makes the ruby a superb stone for jewelry-making. No special precautions for wearing or caring are necessary.

Fractured rubies, on the other hand, need special care. They should be cleaned by hand, using warm, soapy water.

It is better to keep them separately in boxes with soft fabric in them.

Compatibility with Other Gems

Aesthetically this precious stone goes well only with diamonds and natural pearls. It is incompatible with onyx, amber and malachite.


Rubies have an effect on the Root and Heart chakras. They stimulate the flow of chi energy through the body. They have the power to awaken kundalini. When the first chakra is out of balance, we feel a lack of physical strength. The red gemstones help rekindle the spiritual energy and help regain security and self-confidence.

Zodiac sign – Capricorn

Those born under this sign are serious and willing to achieve what they want. They are patient and honest.

Modern Usage

Except for the jewelry-making industry, rubies are used in laser technology, watchmaking, and quantum electronics.


People who suffer from high blood pressure and hemophilia should avoid wearing rubies! The red precious stones are not to be worn very frequently because of their powerful effect on the energy levels.


Most rubies are heated which makes them more beautiful but reduces the price.

In 2015 Sotheby’s sold a ruby called Sunrise for the whopping 30, 5 million, or 1 000 000 for a carat. This is the record price.

It is interesting to know that this precious stone is very cheap in India and can be bought for a dollar a carat.



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