13 Bracelet Inspirations

Soon summer will be here and every girl wants to flaunt her jewelry on naked skin.

Here are some awesome-looking bracelets you can make by yourself and show everyone how stylish you are:

Let us start with some of the easiest bracelets to make – those with memory wire.

  1. This one consists of uncut semi-precious stones, crystals, and seed beads. It is really easy to make. You should just string them randomly onto the memory wire. You can wear it on your seaside vacation. It is inspired by the seawater and the sand.

2. This one is very similar in the way it is made but the difference in the size of the bugle beads, the moonstones, and the oval beads makes it 3-dimensional and interesting to watch and wear. It is also very light and dainty. It seems to me like a model of the Solar system with the planets revolving around the Sun.


3. For this one, I used 10 mm red semi-precious stones that I surrounded with bead caps. This gave the bracelet an Oriental touch. I tried to avoid the “cliche” combination of black and red, and I opted for red and dark blue. I think it makes it stand out and it has less of a contrast than if I used black beads. This one is also on the heavier side. It looks good with a boho-style maxi dress.


4. When you string the same number of seed beads and crystals, you create a pattern. The beads get grouped together. This is visible here. I really like this lime green. It is very fresh and modern. It goes well with earthy tones and reminds of the fall season.


5. Let us move on to the more difficult bracelets to make. This is a beaded rope bracelet. It has a real rope inside. These types of bracelets can be made with a crochet hook or with a needle. I used a needle. If you are a beginner, you can try the tubular peyote technique to make it. It is very easy. The combination of black and purple makes this piece of jewelry look very elegant and maybe a little bit more expensive than it really is. 


6. This bracelet reminds me of a Mediterranean island with its white and blue stones. It is made with two pieces of memory wire that are cut and eye pins. It is very massive, a chunky one. It lies a bit heavy on the wrist when you wear it. There are two magnet clasps on it. I suggest going for bigger ones because they give extra security.


7. For this one, you will need only wire and beads. The difficult part is putting the clasp.


8. This one is my personal favorite. Do you want me to show you a step-by-step tutorial on how it is made because it is 100% my idea, and I am really proud of it? Write to me in the comments section.

It is made with 12 mm Czech beads, 4 mm Swarovski crystals and 1 mm Toho beads.

It looks fantastic on the wrist. It isn’t heavy at all. With this pattern, you can make a choker or even earrings. You should just adjust it to the materials you have and use your imagination.


9. For this bracelet, I used the Herringbone stitch. It took me a lot of hours of meticulous work. The materials that are needed are bugle beads in different colors, seed beads, and 8 mm Swarovski crystals instead of clasps, some kind of a thin thread and of course – a lot of patience.


10. For this one, you need to master the Net Stitch. The materials used are: two different colors 1 mm seed beads, clasps and that is it. This too can be made into a choker.


11. This is called the Spiral Stitch. You need round stones and seed beads. It can be made to look one color on one side and another on the other side. Do you want to know how to achieve this result? Write to me in the comments section.


12. This bracelet is made with wire and beads. You should first string the beads onto the wire and then you can crochet whatever pattern you want. Again my favorite color combination – black and purple.


13. The name of this technique is the “Wave” bracelet. I modified it my needs and the materials that I had. It reminds me of the art of Ancient Egypt with these yellows and greens.

So, these are my suggestions for easy, not very expensive bracelets for the summer. I hope you found your next project inspiration here.

Some of them are sold on 10fingers.bg/Magenta.

Write to me if you have any questions.

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